Emma was a little princess, or at least she was spoiled like one.   She was only 4 years old, but loved by all.   She was very adventurous, and loved to question everything.  She would ask why the grass was green, and the sky blue. She would sometimes even ask questions that would leave her momma puzzled!  Then she would ask what puzzled meant.  She was very curious, always wanting to learn.

One day she asked her momma for an apple.  Momma saw no issue with an apple; she did want Emma to eat healthy.  A few bites later she wanted chips, and some juice in her little mermaid cup.  Momma got up and headed to the kitchen, but in the middle of pouring her juice Emma walked in and changed her mind yet again!

“Mom, can I have sweet tea instead?”

A:  Should mom give her sweet tea?

B: Should mom give her the juice?